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The NIH HIV Reagent Program is working to build a comprehensive resource of organisms and reagents for the research community. The NIH HIV Reagent Program would like to offer the scientific community an opportunity to participate in building this resource by depositing material within the resource.  Depositing with the NIH HIV Reagent Program can provide several advantages and services for researchers and their institutions:

  • Promotes access and use of the materials.
  • Relieves researchers of the burdens of distributing materials.
  • Offers an alternative to institutions for secure storage of biological materials.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance in shipping.
  • Protects intellectual property of the depositor.

If you are interested in making a deposit or would like more information, please contact us by completing the form below. The NIH HIV Reagent Program will provide you with a tracking number as well as any shipping or regulatory assistance you may need. In addition, we will provide you with Deposit Forms to document your desired distribution and ownership rights for the material as well as any background scientific information you can provide. Please do not send materials without Deposit Forms or a tracking number.

Deposit Information

HMP Depositor:

HRP serves as a resource repository for deposition and distribution of materials and reagents generated under the HMP to the scientific community and include: cultured organisms, amplified DNA from uncultured organisms and DNA. The table and information below should be used to guide you in your deposition of materials into HRP Resources so that your materials will be available to the research community in the shortest amount of time.

Material Preferred method of Storage for Shipment
BacteriaProvide material frozen in cryopreservative (e.g., glycerol) in 1-2ml cryovials.
VirusesProvide material frozen in 1-2ml cryovials.
Microbial DNAProvide material frozen in 1-2ml cryovials.
FungiProvide material frozen with cryopreservative in 1-2ml cryovials.
Eukaryotic pathogens as ParasitesProvide material frozen in medium with cryopreservative (e.g., DMSO) in 1-2ml cryovials.

  • Receipt of frozen material (on dry ice) is preferred to preserve viability of material for both domestic and international shipments. Two to Five vials of each item are preferred per deposit.
  • Material can be shipped to HIV Reagent Program at 4 degrees C, but this condition may decrease the viability of the material received.
  • Upon receipt of the material, information about the material and its availability will be posted on the HIV Reagent Program and HMP DACC websites.
  • Shipping costs are paid by HIV Reagent Program, and shipping materials (i.e., boxes, labeled vials, etc.) are also available upon request.
  • For quality control purposes HIV Reagent Program also requests that the 16s sequencing data (FASTA files), if available, be provided with the deposited material. This facilitates HIV Reagent Program's quality control processes and can minimize delays in making the deposited material available.
Information about Requesting Materials from HIV Reagent Program
  • Based on careful consideration of the HMP funds available for this repository, the potential number of materials and reagents being submitted to HIV Reagent Program for distribution, and HIV Reagent Program current standard operating procedures, NIH has determined that the material will not be "shelf ready" or quality controlled, or, in most cases, immediately available upon request. This material is considered "made-to-order".
  • Once a request is received for the deposited material, the material will be expanded, quality controlled and shipped. HIV Reagent Program will then have that specific item in sufficient quantity and quality and have it available as "shelf ready" for subsequent requests from the scientific community.
  • Since the material is not quality controlled at the time of deposit into HIV Reagent Program, it may take 4-6 months to produce the requested material.
    • Currently, about 16% of the requests from the scientific community are delayed because of issues related to the deposit of materials into HIV Reagent Program and include depositing non-viable, contaminated or incorrectly labeled materials or delays in receiving replacement vials from depositors after requests from HIV Reagent Program.
  • Requests for materials will be limited to 10 "made to order" items per order semi-annually. Special consideration will be given to larger and/or more frequent orders. Please contact NIAID and HIV Reagent Program staff to discuss this.
Thank you for your attention to these guidelines and we will be in contact with you shortly concerning your deposit.

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