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Release Category

What is a Release Category?

Reagent donors are asked to state the restrictions on commercial use of their reagents. Scientists who wish to use reagents for commercial purposes can only do so under the terms of the release category specified by the donor.

The five release categories are:

A - Reagent may be used for commercial purposes without an agreement with the donor.
B - Recipient agrees to negotiate in good faith to share with the donor's institution the income arising from commercializing the reagent (Form Required).
C - Recipient must sign an agreement with the donor's institution for commercial use prior to receiving the reagent.
D - Recipient must select Release Category B or C prior to receiving the reagent (Form Required).
E - Recipient must not use or incorporate the reagent for commercial purposes. (Reagent cannot ever be distributed from our program to a commercial institution for ANY use. Reagent will be distributed for non-profit use ONLY.)